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Let Freedom Sing!

In May of 2023 Rushingbrook Children’s Choir went to

Williamsburg, VA and Washington DC to sing a concert

of American songs and to learn about our history.  While

singing the National Anthem in Statuary Hall in the US

Capitol, Capitol police stopped our performance, claiming

it was “an act of demonstration” and that “it might

offend someone.”  The video of RCC being stopped went

viral on social media.  President Trump saw the video and

personally invited us to sing at his upcoming rally in SC. 

Congressman Joe Wilson introduced a bill to Congress

called the “Let Freedom Sing Act” to allow the singing

of our National Anthem without restriction.  Written in

celebration of the “Let Freedom Sing Act,” Rushingbrook Children’s Choir premiered “Let Freedom Sing”

on July 1st at the Trump Rally in Pickens, SC to a crowd of 75K people.  We went to Williamsburg and

Washington to learn about our history and we ended up making history!


Please go to Apple Music or other music stores and download “Let Freedom Sing!”

The Most Wonderful Birthday of All

Accompanied by members of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Rushingbrook Children’s Choir beautifully evokes the very spirit of Christmas with The Most Wonderful Birthday of All! RCC voices, clear and sonorous, weave a musical tapestry of well-loved carols, freshly minted Christmas songs and a bit of Christmas rhyme from an Irish charmer! Listening to the delightful singing of RCC has become a cherished holiday tradition for many lovers of Christmas music.

“Family, tasty treats, tree lights, candles and this CD are all parts of the Christmas pleasures I can’t do without!”–a kind listener from Indiana

Listen to excerpts and download it now at itunes and Apple Music




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