Rushingbrook Children’s Choir



Our Mission

To awaken and develop in Christian young people their God-given musical ability, to nurture a sense of artistry in singing, and to do all for the glory of God.


Our History

In 1995 I had a career-altering experience: I attended my first Indianapolis Children’s Choir Concert!  While driving my car early one evening, I heard an announcement on the radio for a concert given by the Indianapolis Children’s Choir that night at a local church.  On a whim, I immediately turned my car around and drove to the church, arriving just in time for the concert.  Other than having heard The Vienna Boys Choir on TV and The King’s College Choir on CD, I had not realized what heights of musicianship “normal” kids could achieve. Inspired by what I heard that night, I determined, with the Lord’s help, to start my own children’s choir and strive for the musical excellence I experienced listening to ICC. 

Within a few weeks, I founded Rushingbrook Children’s Choir in Indianapolis, IN for the purpose of introducing fine choral music and artful singing to Christian children and young people, with the aim of singing for the pleasure of God.  The choir grew from a mere thirteen brave, pioneering children to around one hundred choristers in a just a few short years. 



RCC at the Indiana State House


We performed spring and fall concerts at various Indianapolis area venues, including: appearances at the National Home-School Convention; a few political campaigns; and the highlight of each season was our Rushingbrook Children’s Choir: Christmas at the State House concert, an annual event held in the magnificent rotunda of the Indiana State House. 


In 1997, RCC produced our first CD, a Christmas recording titled The Most Wonderful Birthday of All.  Accompanied by members of the Indianapolis Symphony and the BJU Chorale, it continues to be a favorite holiday listening tradition for many people. 



Listen to “Christ Is Born!” from our CD   



Our Greenville Home

In 2002 RCC disbanded, because I moved to Greenville, SC. After teaching for ten years at BJA, I decided to focus full-time on re-establishing Rushingbrook Children’s Choir in Greenville. This fall, RCC will begin our seventh season (it would be our eighth, were it not for a COVID year with no singing!).

In June of 2016, RCC collaborated with Rivertree Singers to perform Dan Forrest’s Jubilate Deo for their annual Rivertree and Friends concert. In December of 2017, Sandlapper Singers of Columbia, SC invited RCC to join forces with them for two performances of John Rutter’s Mass of the Children. BJU invited RCC to perform with the BJUSO and choirs for their Christmas Artist Series in December of 2018. The experience of singing with full orchestra was both thrilling and educational.




RCC with The Greenville Chorale, April, 2019


In April, 2019, we were honored to appear with the wonderful Greenville Chorale on their spring concert.


RCC sings Christmas and spring concerts at local, Greenville venues, including churches and The Greenville Happening. An annual highlight for the choristers is singing at Biltmore Estate for Candlelight Christmas Evenings.



On May 26, 2023, RCC was singing our National Anthem in National Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol, when we were interrupted and stopped by the Capitol Police.  The reason they gave was that our singing “is considered a demonstration, and demonstrations are not permitted inside the Capitol.”  The officer later stated that “this could offend someone.”  She denies having said this, although she said it again later, stating, “this DID offend some!”  

Representative Joe Wilson of SC has inniated a bill called the “Let Freedom Sing Act,’ which, if passed, would allow the singing of the National Anthem without interference on all federal lands.


In celebraton of this Act, David Rasbach wrote “Let Freedom Sing!” for the choristers, andwe premiered the new song at the Trump Rally in Pickens, SC on July 1st, 2023.  Please go to your favorite music streaming site, such as Spotify or Apple Music, to hear Rushingbrook Children’s Choir sing “Let Freedom Sing!”


Membership in RCC is by audition and is open to all children, eight through sixteen years of age. In addition to acquiring choral singing skills, choristers learn basic music theory and are introduced to serious choral music of various styles.  We added a choir for younger children, ages six and seven, to prepare them for singing with RCC.  “Rivulets” (little brooks) meets M/Th for thirty minutes to learn the basics of singing and reading music. Depending on the ability, musical knowledge and maturity of the child, some seven-year-old children are able to audition for RCC.



Do you know of children who love to sing?  Why not encourage them to be a part of Rushingbrook Children’s Choir.  Auditions will take place during the last week of August, and RCC rehearsals will start on Thursday, September 7, 2023. Click below to see our audition Brochure or to complete the Online Application

You can make a difference in a child’s life by encouraging the gift of singing!


RCC Brochure

RCC Application


Plunge Into Rushingbrook

Plunge Into Rushingbrook is an opportunity for interested candidates to “test the Rushingbrook waters” to see if, perhaps, they may catch the choral bug and desire to become choristers.  Candidates sing and learn alongside Rushingbrook choristers for four glorious summer mornings each June, surrounded by the natural beauty of Rushingbrook. 

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