Christmas Music of David Rasbach

I do not know John Rutter personally, although I feel I do, since I know his music.  Listening to Rutter’s music and the nuanced musicianship of his Cambridge Singers has taught me more than any college class ever could.  My inscription says, “To John Rutter, whose music enriches my life, informs my musical sensibilities, and simply makes my heart sing. ‘Carol of the Wind’ is my tribute to his perfect ‘Candlelight Carol.'”

Publisher’s NoteInspired by John Rutter’s Candlelight Carol, this exquisite new carol gives us a lovely melody with complementary harmony in a fresh setting. “Brightly a star shines in the night; yet brighter still, dawns new hope with the morn! Gloria in excelsis deo, angels rejoice for our Savior is born!”  A perfect piece for Christmas eve.  Optional parts for strings, harp and flute are available.

J. W. Pepper Editor’s Choice

Written for my High School choirs to end our Christmas concert, this lovely text was a perfect invitation to listeners to “Come to the Light.”  Students held candles as they sang, entering the auditorium from various places.

Publisher’s Note: A passionate and delicate new setting of the Philip Bliss text “The Light of the World is Jesus” written for SATB choir and piano. While suitable for any celebration of worship, this would be a wonderful addition to your Christmas Eve Service

I dedicated this Christmas lullaby to my sister, who, on the mission field in Brazil, has spent countless hours rocking her twenty-four (twenty adopted) children to sleep.

Publisher’s Note: Written for SA ladies or treble voices with piano or harp, this lovely setting of the Isaac Watts text will add a tender moment to your Christmas concert.

Listen to Rushingbrook Children’s Choir sing “Hush, My Dear, Lie Still and Slumber.”

My choral group, Rushingbrook Singers, performs for Candlelight Christmas Evenings at Biltmore Estate in Hendersonville, NC each Christmas season.  We sing through the evening as guests tour the splendid estate.  Around ten o’clock, when most of the guests have gone and we are nearly exhausted, our tradition is to wind our way down to the catacombs to what was the magnificent indoor pool, and we sing “We Shall Light a Thousand Candles.”  The completely tiled room has the resonance of a cathedral, and we imagine, for a few moments, that we sound glorious!

Publisher’s Note: A spirited proclamation of the birth of the Savior, scored for a cappella SATB choir. Singers and worshippers alike will be caught up in the exuberance of the text and the music!

J. W. Pepper Editor’s Choice